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These are the core beliefs and philosophy that guide our business:


  • Bringing nature into people's lives.  Flowers are a way of bringing the natural world into people’s lives, even in an urban setting.  Nothing can match the beauty and artistry inherent in nature.


  • Preserve and protect open green space, forest, meadow, and riparian areas.  All living beings are protected and cherished on our farm.  The farm provides wildlife habitat for native species, from turtles to snails to pollinators to native songbirds.  There is nothing like harvesting flowers in the mornings, surrounded by birdsong and the hum of bees. 


  • Sustainability matters.  With climate change, we are facing ever-growing threats to our planet. Growing local flowers moves us away from imports that travel thousands of miles (often in refrigerated jets) and fossil fuel depletion, pesticides, herbicides and destruction of natural soil and water sources.  Over 75% of flowers in the U.S. are imported.  We insist on supporting local organic farmers for our food - do the same with flowers!

  • Belief in the beauty of the natural world’s diversity.  We have lost so much seed diversity in the past hundred years, because most commercial seed is in the hands of a few global companies that encourage mono-cropping and growing only crops that can be transported long distances. We want to buck this trend.  Our farm grows numerous varieties of flowers, including open-pollinated and heirloom varieties.  Many of our flowers will not transport well – and that’s ok, because it reinforces the beauty of what can be grown locally and naturally.

  • Flowers are an instant way to deliver joy to people of all backgrounds.  That shared joy creates human connection and emphasizes our commonality, not our differences.   We are honored to serve anyone that wants to celebrate love.

  • We should respect what is seen and unseen in our world.  This includes our soil, our water, our microbes, the relationship between beneficial insects and certain plants, and what we release into the environment around us.  First and foremost, we must be stewards of our land.

  • Be of service to the community.  In addition to flowers, we grow fruits and vegetables, mostly heirloom varieties.  We share with family and friends and donate to our local food bank. 

  • Desire to pass on these traditions and knowledge of the natural world to our children.  While farmers and their products should be fairly supported, farming is not about profits.  It’s about loving the land, the seasons, the passage of time, and using that kinship to create a life long appreciation of nature for generations to come.

photo of the fields surrounding the farm at sunset
farmer's market flowers in fresh bouquets
children standing in squash field holding up squash
fresh produce and flowers from the farm
children playing on the farm with evening sun behind them
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